TC Dream Nebulizer


Revitalizes the air in your space using our 100% pure essential oils.

TC Breeze nebulizer offers the highest diffusing efficiency and the best performance of both the natural aroma and the therapeutic properties on the market. This unique device is incredibly quiet, makes no mess, requires no heat and does not even need any water to operate. No more cleaning water tank.

With this method the essential oil is not diluted by water, leading to much higher aromatherapy efficiency than any other type of diffusers. Also, diffusing oils without heat would also minimize the potential of chemical structure alteration in the essential oil.

In addition, the essential oil stays totally pure throughout the diffusing process because the diffuser uses glass. It breaks down the oils into molecules without altering them, producing a particle size small enough for the lungs and body to absorb them quickly. These essential oil particles will reach you in their natural state and provide you with all of their original therapeutic benefits.

With our TC elegant portable nebulizer, you don’t have to worry about finding a nearby plug. It comes with USB technology. It diffuses straight from the essential oil glass bottle, NOT THE PLASTIC MATERIAL.

The technology of (Extra micro Atomization ≤ 10 μ m.) or physical cold atomization helps the essential oils' molecular breaks into finer particles and diffuse more efficient. This will result in using more benefit of aromatherapy and therapeutic essential oils. Also the oils last much longer since the nebulizer takes time to separate the molecules into fine particles.


  • Oil Capacity: Up to 60ml
  • Set up the real time clock
  • Waterless aroma nebulizer, NO WATER NEEDED.
  • Best suited to a large rooms like a living room (up to 2000 sq ft)
  • Extra micro Atomization ≤ 10 μ m.
  • Touch-tone
  • Automatic-shut off 
  • Clock function
  • Material PC, ABS
  • Size: 135X180X78mm
  • Comes with USB technology
  • Warranty: 1 year

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