Goal-Setting Strategies

Goal setting is powerful; shapes our dreams and provides focus. It gives us the ability to sharpen in on the exact actions we need to perform to achieve anythings we desire in life. Setting goals provides long-term vision in our lives. We all need powerful, long-range goals to help us get past those short-term obstacles.

Evaluation and Reflection

To begin with, you need to first be 100% clear on where you are now. This gives you a great base line from which to work and build your goals from.  You need to have a baseline first and spend time looking at where you are right now in your life covering all aspects. Spend some time each week to evaluate and question where you are, what you have achieved so far and how satisfied you are currently. The clearer you are about where you are will open you to be clear about where you want to be.

Dreams and Goals Getting Clear

The next step is to get crystal clear about what you want to achieve in your life. listen to your heart and getting clear about all the things your heart desires to have in your life. Don’t put some limitation of your mind telling you whether it is possible or not.

Set some specific time, sit and write down what it is that you like to accomplish? What would you try if you were guaranteed to succeed?list your goals in the order in which you will try to attain them first and keep reminding yourself that we are always moving towards acting rather than leaving them to remain as dreams.

Set Up Your SMART Goals

Specific: be as specific as possible about your goals. Be clear and succinct. Measurable:  Your goals must be a way that you can measure so you can monitor your progress.  If there is no way of measuring it then it is a dream not a goal. Attainable: Write your goals down to make them feel tangible and motivate you. Relevant: your goals should be something that feels relevant to you and that excites you when you think about it. Time: bound need to set a specific time limit this ensures you take rapid action otherwise your goal will slip into becoming a dream.


Find an accountability person that you can trust and let them know your goals, and they hold you accountable by asking you to “give an update” on where you are on the process to achieving that goal.  This gives the process some real get up and go. The more you communicate and share your goals with the world the more power there is and motivation to succeed as you have more people asking for you to update them on your progress