TC Essential Oils

Top 20X5ml TC Eseential Oils Aromatherapy Essential Oils with a TC Diffuser and a TC Grooming Clay


1. Lavender oil (Bulgaria) Helps heal minor burns, cuts, insect bites, eczema, dry skin. Soothes anxiety.

2. Tea tree oil (Australia) With carrier oil, is a powerful anti-antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.

3. Peppermint oil (Greece) calms indigestion, relieves sinus congestion and headaches.

4. lemongrass oil (India) Fights bacteria, deodorizes. Fragrance soothes anxiety and depression.

5. Orange oil (Brazil) With carrier oil, perks up dull skin, healing for mouth and gums.

6. Eucalyptus oil (India) Helps relieve cold and flu symptoms, fights dandruff.

7. Rosemary oil (Morocco) With carrier oil for massage, relieves arthritis pain. Antiseptic properties, believed to help improve memory.

8. Frankincense oil (India) Fights fatigue, helps heal eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.

9. Lemon oil (Mexico) Astringent, antiseptic and boosts the immune system.

10. Bergamot oil (Italy) Antidepressant and stimulant. Deodorizes and disinfects.

11. Ylang Ylang oil (Cananga) It is particularly useful with rapid breathing and rapid heartbeat

12. Patchouli oil (Indonesia) Soothes inflammation, stimulates cell growth and is antidepressant.

13. Geranium oil (South Africa) Geranium is great for both dry and oily hair. Apply a few drops to your hair products, or make your own deep hair conditioner.

14. Grapefruit oil (USA) Antioxidant and antiviral. Stimulates lymphatic system.

15. Cinnamon oil (Sri Lanka) Aids circulation, reduces drowsiness. With carrier oil in massage, eases aches.

16. Clary Sage oil, Add to shampoo or hair conditioner to promote healthy hair and scalp.

17. Oregano Oil Relieve bug bites and rashes, including poison ivy rash. Apply oregano oil diluted with olive oil on the affected areas

18. Clove oil eliminates acne, improves blood circulation and Kills mold and fungus

19. Spearmint oil helps alleviate fatigue, headaches, migraines, nervousness

20. Marjoram oil relieve minor skin irritation, cuts, bruises & burns

21. A TC grooming clay

22. A Aroma Inhale TC Diffuser

TC grooming clay :

Creates texture with a strong, pliable hold and shine finish. Lightweight formula gives you control to create any style. Adds pliable hold with a touch of shine. 

Wide Range of Uses: Pairs with a TC diffuser, air freshener, vaporizer, or a humidifier for better air; use each oil for aromatherapy, massage, perfumes, relaxation, or cleaning 100 Percent Pure & Therapeutic Grade: No added parabens, GC tested for purity, vegetarian and vegan friendly

The Perfect Perfumed Gift Set: Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine’s Day, or as a way to show your appreciation to someone special

DIY Homemade Products: Create your own natural products with essential oils including soaps, lip balms, and body moisturizing & lotions – all additive and preservative-free.The wooden box is not included.

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