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Ginseng is actually a broad term that incorporates nearly a dozen different species of plants belonging to the Panax genus. This highly valued plant, which has large fleshy roots (their main source of nutrients), is typically found in North America and certain cooler areas of Asia. However, due to the global demand for this beneficial plant, it has been exported throughout the world. There are different types of genus, as mentioned, some of which have woody roots, while others are fleshy. The root is the most medicinally valuable element of the plant and can be purchased in dried, whole, or sliced form. The leaves of ginseng are used on a far more limited basis, but they do have some uses.


  • Reduce the mood swings commonly associated with menstruation
  • By stimulating blood flow throughout the body, particularly to the skin cells, ginseng makes the skin looking youger and hydrated
  •  Ginseng is also linked to detoxifying the skin and boosting the immune response in the body’s largest organ
  • Stimulating the metabolism and boosting energy levels
  •  Help to reduce stress and anxiety in the body
  •  The adaptogens found within ginseng have been shown to alter the hormonal levels of the body, which can also help to lower stress hormone levels and achieve a better balance of mood in the body
  • Improve the health of hair follicle beds, prevent dandruff, and reduce hair loss significantly

Botanical Name: Panax ginseng 

Processing Method: Steam Distillation.

Plant Part: Root

Blends With:

 Bergamot, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Spearmint, Orange, Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, and other spice oils

Cautions: Dilute before use; May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

General: As with all essential oils, never use them undiluted, in eyes or mucus membranes. Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner. Keep away from children. If applying an essential oil to your skin always perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body (after you have properly diluted the oil in an appropriate carrier.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
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